About this Site

Technical Details and Performance

The simulations on this site were created in Flash Actrionscript 3.0 and Processing. Most web browsers should already have the appropriate plugins, but if not, you can download the latest version of Flash Player (required to view the Flash simulations) here and Java (required to view the Processing simulations) here.

Many of the simulations are best viewed on a computer with a fast graphics card. Some of the simulations are available in smaller versions to accomodate slower machines.


This site is an evolving experiment into the physics and aesthetics of simulations. I am interested in all kinds of dynamical systems, from evolving bacteria colonies to chaotic dynamics of the solar system. This is very much a work in progress. For me, the aesthetic allure of these creations lies in the hidden structure underlying the surface patterns. If the photograph was for artists a way to allow nature to draw her outward appearance, the simulation is the way for her to reveal her inner logic. I present these simulations in the spirit of the seventeenth century Wunderkammer. Enjoy.